Youth Mental Health Resources in the Scituate area

MentalHealth.SSResources.11.18 This reference was compiled by the Scituate Public Schools Counseling Department and may be incomplete.
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Resource for parents of teens

Youth Treatment and Support Resources

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Youth Consequences Reference

YouthConsequences2018 Printable reference of the state and local laws regarding youth and substances.  
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Status of Marijuana Research

MJ.Research Cannabis policy is ahead of the cannabis science. We need more research to understand the benefits and the harms. Click link for review of all the research (about 50% of all studies suggest some helpful use).  
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Parent's resource for helping your teen stay safe this prom and graduation season. As families prepare for proms, commencement exercises, and other events, we encourage parents to take the time to remind their children about the importance of making responsible decisions as they enjoy these celebrations. Encouraging our children to be more responsible. Take some time to talk to your children about these issues; it could save their life or the life of someone else. As we approach these special times of celebration, I urge you to reinforce with your children the importance of good decision making. Here are some quick tips: Be a Good Role Model Studies show that parents significantly influence their teen’s choices and lives. Stay Involved With Your Teen To help prevent early use of alcohol or other substances parents need to remain involved in their teen’s life. Social Norming Teens often believe the blatant misconception that “everyone uses drugs/alcohol” based on their peer relationships and the messages received by the media. Parents need to convey a message that not everyone uses drugs/alcohol and as parents we need to set clear guidelines. Talk About the Dangers of Using More Than One Drug Teens need to know the risk of each drug and the possible deadly combination of using more than one drug. Talking to your teen about drugs will not lead to using drugs, but rather help them make healthy decisions.

Celebrating Prom and Graduation Season Safely

  Here’s a printable PDF booklet with tips for families, including social host laws, talking points, and resources! http://www.southshorehealth.org/workfiles/yhc/YHC_2017-Prom-Booklet_Final.pdf Thank you to Youth Health Connection for preparing this helpful resource!
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Health Curriculum in Scituate Public Schools

Pictured here are students and alumni from our local recovery high school, Independence Academy (www.iarecoveryhs.org). As part of our comprehensive curriculum, young people in recovery share their stories of addiction, treatment and recovery with students during 9th/10th grade health
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SBIRT Materials

2018.SPS.SBIRT.ResourceSheet2018.SPS.SBIRT.ResourceSheet   Questions   In addition to the local resource sheet, all students will receive a paper copy of a Drug Facts/informational brochure: http://files.hria.org/files/SA1094.pdf or https://store.samhsa.gov/shin/content/SMA1
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All about vaping and juuling

What-You-Need-to-Know-and-How-to-Talk-to-Your-Kids-About-Vaping-Guide-Partnership-for-Drug-Free-Kids (002) ScituateVapingInfo.2018 Just the FACTS: What parents and caregivers need to know about vaping and juuling Updated in September 2018  by the Scituate FACTS Coalition What is vapin
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Teen Brain & Substances

We were delighted to welcome Dr. Sion Kim Harris, neuroscience researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital, to inform our junior prom families and community for the seventh year in a row! Printout SHS slides: Junior Prom – SHS Stats 2017.pdf Printout Dr.Harris slides: DrHarri
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Youth Mental Health Awareness

On March 7, 2017 Scituate Public Schools collaborated with Scituate FACTS to bring a Youth Mental Health Awareness Event to the community. Jen Lopes, LICSW, and Steve Howley, School Psychologist, of Scituate Public Schools, framed the evening with an overview of common challenges our
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Student Athletes – Sports and Injury

Scituate FACTS participated in a meeting for parents and caregivers of high school athletes. We reviewed risky substance use, and the particular risk from harm of prescription opiates with a focus on youth prevention. The following video is recommended watching for all families: http:
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alcohol use and teens

Changing Norms on Alcohol Use

How Not to be a Small Fishing Town with a Large Drinking Problem This program shares data on high school binge drinking behavior – and known risk factors. • What parents can do to model responsible drinking, and teach  kids about the consequences of alcohol use and abuse •  Ideas for
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